What is it that makes a Religion a Religion

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What seems to be the Most Important Feature (s) Religion has that sets it Apart from Human Endeavors? What is it that makes a Religion a Religion? In exploring religion, there are important features that set it apart from human endeavors. Religion, foremostly, examines the concept of believing in one god or different ones. Understanding religion involves acknowledging the idea of a Supreme Being(s). Various religions such as Christianity, Islam and Buddhism each worship their specific gods. These gods oversee the people; ensuring the absence of calamities and difficulties. Inasmuch as most religions focus on one god, Hinduism embraces polytheism, the belief in various gods. Human endeavors often revolve around earthly matters, thereby, it is clear to understand the distinction apropos of religion. In addition, religion also encompasses other features such as belief systems and ceremonious activities. These gods are often worshiped in different ways depending on the religion. While Christians strive to carry out song and dance, Buddhists often worship by facing their Supreme Being, Buddha. These spiritual activities and ceremonies are useful in understanding religion from an in-depth perspective. The existence of symbols in various religions also sets it apart from human endeavors. For instance; Christians and Muslims have Bibles and Qurans, respectively. These Holy books are classified as religious symbols. They are the drivers necessary for ensuring that human beings understand the concept of religion. The existence of these books is an important feature in setting religion apart from human endeavors. Religion is also classified as the religion due to the existence of

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