What is Groupthink

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Name Institution Professor Course Date The term groupthink refers to the situation where individuals in a group tend to conform to decisions made by the team to avoid outcast feeling, which often leads to errors during the decision-making process. Everyone at some point has faced this situation where one had to suppress the right values, opinions, and beliefs just to avoid resentment, frustrations, and arguments. This phenomenon often takes place during peer discussions, at the workplace, and in family debates especially if opinions and beliefs have been predetermined and adhered too. The social psychologist named Irving Janis in his book Victims of Groupthink in 1972 talked about groupthink. In his book, he addressed why in spite of the groups having many informed and educated minds, faulty decisions were still evident. Individuals in a group who are opposed to a decision frequently remain silent deciding to keep peace and not to disrupt the uniformity of the team. Groupthink usually occurs when there is evidence of time constraint or when there exists a member who always dominates in the decision-making process. Groupthink blinds people in the group from seeing future consequences, risks, and warnings resulting from their choices. Most organizations value harmony and coherence at the expense of critical evaluation and accurate analysis (Wilcox, 2010). Groupthink forces the group members to agree to the words of the leader and discourages any argument with the consensus. This mostly happens in isolated groups having no clear rules and groups where all the members involved inhibit similar backgrounds. It displays how people lose sight of what is best. When they

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