What is consciousness?

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number: Date: What is Consciousness? I believe consciousness is that feeling deep within us that enables us to be aware of our actions and surrounding and the impact it has on other people of creatures. The exact or actual explanation of the term has not been found through science yet, but efforts are in place to try and expound the term. Curiosity is a feature that is characteristic of all human beings and is the driving force that enables us to seek knowledge and understanding about something. For example, when I ask myself why is the sky blue? The mind comes up with conclusions that are trying to explain the blueness, and this shows or illustrates consciousness. The consciousness of a person becomes richer and more advanced as they grow from infancy and can be exemplified by the common feelings that are experienced by the people as they grow, for instance, love; which grows and matures with age, grief, and even hatred. This awareness of the feelings shows how conscious a mind can be in building up a database of information by relating events and thoughts to influences our final decisions. Feeling sorry after hurting somebody or the urge to thank or be grateful for a gift are the common indicators of the awareness of things surrounding us. Going back to René Descartes’ notion of "cogito ergo sum" (I think, therefore I am), the French philosopher claimed that if I can ask myself whether I exist, then there should be an “I” already existing at that time to ask the question. This also highlights the fact that our minds are aware and conscious of who we are at the moment and is always attempting to find the

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