What is conscientiousness?

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date CONSCIENTIOUSNESS Conscientiousness refers to a trait exhibited by a person of being very careful, self-disciplined, dependable, and organized and aimed for achievement. It is all about how one controls, regulate and direct their impulses and the inner sense of what is right. It means the desire to do one's task or duty well and thoroughly. It consists of a conglomeration of more specific qualities and attributes that define its meaning. Some other key qualities of conscientiousness include being reliable, responsible, hardworking, neat, systematic, planful, thoughtfulness, deliberate and efficient among others. Conscientious people have good character and work ethic, are vigilant and act dutifully. They are better in following set rules, very punctual, avoid unnecessary risks and can stop themselves from indulging too much. Facets of Conscientiousness: Competence – refers to the act of completing tasks successfully; one’s confidence in their ability to achieve and accomplish things. Self-discipline – this means to get things done the right way. It also implies the ability to persist at difficult or unpleasant tasks until they are completed. Orderliness – like to do things in a neat, tidy and well-organized way. Cautiousness – being deliberate on everything; avoid mistakes; do not rush into things; think carefully through possible outcomes before acting on something. Achievement-striving – work hard to achieve set goals; industrious and aim for success and excellence. Responsibility – tendency to be reliable and dependable; it is the strength of one’s sense of duty and obligation; follow the

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