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What is Career? Name: Institution: What is Career? Career refers to actions and progress made by an individual throughout a lifetime, particularly those connected to that individual’s occupation. Career encompasses the history of employment, work accomplished and titles earned over a stretch of time. It is more than one’s profession. Traditional career models are rooted in a lifetime growth and advancement of an individual within the confines of one or two employers.  For instance, an employee and the employer engage in a nonphysical contract where the employee trades his skills and compliance for an agreed upon payment and other life benefits afforded by the employer.  Success was organizationally laid out and rewards were mostly tangible. Besides, the employment had no expiry date and often went until retirement unless under special circumstances.  Additionally, compliance was highly demanded a successful career. In this case, we can conclude that traditional careers were largely objective (Olson & Shultz, 2016). Currently, emerging career models are boundaryless and depend largely on self-determination. Emerging career models can allow one to be employed by multiple employers throughout a lifetime or even simultaneously. Furthermore, these career modes do not necessarily follow a directly defined route up the corporate ladder and comprise of both subjective and objective determinants of success. Moreover, rewards are both tangible and intangible. Intangible rewards can take the form of work or life balance and job satisfaction. Finally, these career models do not necessarily require a physical office (Donald et al., 2017). Lastly, on a personal

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