What have I learned in the Conflict Resolution class

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Conflict Resolution Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation People tend to have differing points of views concerning various issues and situations which in turn bring about conflicts between two or more individuals or parties. A dispute involves disagreement amongst people or parties typified by the opposition and in some instances, hostility. The rise of conflict tends to be stimulated by the antagonism of one group to another, to attain a goal dissimilar to the one proposed by the other group. Mostly, the features entailed in a conflict involve different sets of values and principles which as a result allow the emergence of such a conflict. This paper discusses various items I have learned from the Conflict Resolution class including Perspective Conflict, the Nature of Conflict, the Structures of Conflict, and the Styles and Tactics in Conflict Situations. Conflicts are common occurrences experienced and seen throughout the history of human and nature existence. But, its recognition from a theoretical perspective in the scholarship field only became adopted following the First World War. It is evident following numerous studies performed since then that the existence of conflicts is so much a facet of people’s lives. Therefore, I learned that conflicts would continue to exist in all forms as well as in all backgrounds regardless of one’s status or capabilities. Also, the comprehension of any disagreement that an individual or party may have largely depends on the perspective they may have towards the nature of this dispute. The Nature of Conflict Actors, Interests, Sources, and Solutions for Conflicts Considering the fact that disagreements are

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