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After following the curriculum and my long-term dreams, the university is entirely the ultimate choice for me to pursue my career. I have been following comments from public forums about pursuing a degree, and this has been a motivation to me. Timeline replies indicate that many people have realized their dreams after completing their studies at the university is so fulfilling and course worth following for a young person with a passion for becoming a medical practitioner like me. Throughout my high school and college, I have worked to secure a chance in a better higher learning institution and joining the university will be a fulfillment of that. I have been following the lecturers in the field of medicine and have been fascinated by the professors from the university. Their perception on the issues of medicine is overwhelming, and I look forward to interacting with them. Besides providing quality education, the institution combines the medical genres with cultures making the university lively. I have experienced this through my close friends who went through the same, and their perception of life was changed for the best. Further, they developed careers and knowledge that is helping them in their daily activities. I would want to follow the same process and broaden my knowledge in the medical field. Studying medicine in the university will provide me good mentors and have a stable career in the future. Having been approved by the government and the Ministry of Education as eligible to offer this course is enough proof to me that I will have both the quality access to academic references and adequate exposure to the practical aspects of the field of

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