What events Propelled the United States into a civil war in 1861?

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What events propelled the United States into a civil war in 1861? Between 1861 and 1865, the U.S. witnessed a life-changing event, The Civil War. Most historical records depict the relevance and consequences of this war. As a result of its severity, there are notable events that perpetrated The American Civil War. The slave trade was the foremost consideration in understanding America's reasons for breaking into The 1861 Civil War. The Southern parts of America employed slaves in their large farms, oppressing them and treating these individuals inferiorly. As Northerners managed to eradicate the prevalence of slavery, altercations that led to The Civil War ensued, thereby, dealing with the slave trade. Moreover, Abraham Lincoln’s election in 1860 propelled The American Civil War. Despite his detest for the institution of slavery, Lincoln did not offer any solutions for the problem. The Southerners were, therefore, more fearful than hopeful in Lincoln’s government and its role in abolishing slavery. These issues triggered war and anarchy in the U.S. In 1852, there was a best-seller publication about the evil nature of slavery. Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin enlightened oblivious citizens on the oppressive nature of slave trade. Through this, The American Civil War was perpetrated due to distinct beliefs from Northerners and Southerners. The latter believed that Stowe’s book was driven by malice thus creating a rift between them and Northerners, leading to The 1861 Civil War. Regardless of his role in the abolition of slave trade, John Brown’s constant utilization of violence augured his identity as an American terrorist rather than a hero.

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