What ethnic identities can be identified and historically traced in north Americas past?

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Name: Course title: Name of instructor: Date: What ethnic identities can be identified and historically traced in North America’s past? The idea of ethnic identity as a topic of concern in archeology and behavioral sciences emerged in the early 1960s, and today it has become more salient topic than the previous decades. Ethnicity according to Alba Richard (14) is a concept mainly used by the unprivileged group to seek out their rights and claim some from privileges from the current power structures denied the same from the previous powers. Over the past North America’s ethnic minorities have been looking for such rights by provoking the civil rights and demanding some privileges denied before. Some factors have led to provoking of this interest. One of them is the struggle of the civil rights groups in the 20th and 21st century to demand African American rights. This attribute to the movement trying to influence their leaders and cultures, in general, to take control of their ethnic identity, and consequently redefine their ethnic and cultural group. However, the emergence of social movements led to more upsurge on this topic of ethnicity in North America and created more awareness on the issue. The aim of this paper, therefore, is to discuss to discuss the Germany-American identity living in Philadelphia and Virginia regions of North America (Baltzell, Digby pg 21). It is good to note that as more North Americans are largely understanding and realizing their ancestors especially in the states of Virginia and Philadelphia, the more it is influencing their lives. To become more aware of the origin many Germany-Americans living in the Philadelphia and

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