What does it mean to be “Black”?

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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: What does it mean to be “Black”? Racism is a global challenge that has affected most nations, the United States being one of them. Being black has been associated with inferiority and defenselessness. Most activists have held demonstrations, written books, and letters just to curb racism in the United States. Martin Luther King is one of these artists that dedicated his whole life to defending resisting racism without violence. According to Luther, it is useless to wait for justice ruled by the court when our moral responsibility is to go against unfair laws and act directly. He, therefore, wrote a letter “A Letter from Birmingham Jail” that supported the non-violent fight against racial discrimination (Klein, 1981). Being black is practically similar to being a slave. This is because of how the white people not only mistreat but also look down on the black people. The whites oppress blacks and to top it all their word does count. Martin Luther himself was a victim of oppression. For him to fully convince, be loved and accepted by his audience as an orator, he had to employ several persuasive techniques. The clergymen who had a movement by the name “A Call for Unity” were against non-violent demonstrations on the streets arguing that that was the role of the courts. Being an outsider in your own country is what black people living in white nations try to live with. They try so hard to fit in their society because they are not welcomed in the first place. When one is referred to as an outsider, it means they do not have a sense of belonging. Luther together with other activists was considered

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