what did the ancient Hebrews(Jews)believe at the end the Babylonian captivity. or around 500 BCE.

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Name: Professor: Course: Date Jewish Religion in Captivity and After The Jews were taken into the Babylonian captivity after the capture of the city of Judah. During their captivity, a lot of activities they undertook in Jerusalem were disrupted hence they needed to adopt new ways of worshiping and remaining loyal to their faith during their period of captivity, but also without making many changes or adopting their way of life of their captures. Hence the paper is aimed at understanding the way of life of the Hebrews during captivity, more so their religious practices and their organization and how this affected their lives after the end of captivity and returned to Palestine. One of the major activities that were prominent with the Hebrews was the frequent visit to the temple, to offer animal sacrifices among others activities they carried out in the temple. However, with the capture of the city, the temple was destroyed, and they were forced into captivity they could hardly go to worship in the temple. Hence they had to find another to remain in touch with their religion. As opposed to the one place they had to worship back in Jerusalem, they organized themselves into communities and formed various synagogues where they could continue worshiping (Kaufmann, 21). Further, since they could not continue practicing some of their religious practices, e.g., the animal sacrifice they substituted the practice with the study of the Torah (Smith, 4), which became quite an activity even with the end of captivity and the rebuilding of the temple of Jerusalem. The specialization in the study of Torah, gave rise to many religious professionals, natively referred as the

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