What causes personal relationships to succeed or fail?

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Name: Professor: Course:Data: Reasons Why Relationships May Succeed or Fail Introduction The true nature of human beings is socialization. Human beings are social in nature and would avoid living solitary lives at all costs. Having friends, work colleagues, relationship partners and any other person that can share information with another person makes human lives near complete. The social nature of the human lives have also influenced the way a man works, as people normally work together in organizations, thus the need for work colleagues. People make friends in all other places including learning environmental, student will have student friends, and in politics, politicians would need friends. However, many times such relationships breaks down and fail. However, some people hold on and correct the wrongs, giving the relationship a new lifeline. To some other people, relationships fail once, and it becomes non-repairable. It is, therefore, imperative to gain a fair knowledge and understanding of the factors that may make a human relationship fail, especially in a family where the people are not only socially and culturally bound together, they have blood relations. Notably, most relationships fail when the parties to the relationship refuse to accept that they are wrong and keep on pushing for their values on the other party regardless of the surrounding principles. The compositions of relationships There would be no relationship in one person as all relationships must have at least two people. It is the people in the relationships who agree by mutual consent to make the relations work or to make it fit (Gottman 64). The causes of people entering into a

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