What causes divorce?

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Name: Institution: Instructor: Date: What causes divorce? For centuries marriage has been core in any society, serving the as the base for developing societal values. Over a few decades, the divorce rate has radically amplified. In the 1950s an estimate of only three percent of marriages ended in divorce, the statistics currently show that over 40% of marriages are resulting to divorce, to make it a major social problem. There are some causes of divorce and with it come adverse impact not only on the parties involved but also in the society.The lack of proper foundation for marriage is a principal cause of break up. About one-third of the divorces are among the younger couples and mostly in urban areas; this shows an interesting point of view; the fact that young couples get into marriage without proper preparation makes then vulnerable to withstand the pressure that comes with it. After marrying in haste, partners realize their incompatibility; this pushes the spouses from one another making them more of strangers. Coupled with the fact that the separation has been made simple they seek the easier way out. Communication is a vital skill in all human undertakings. Most married partners lack this ability. Continued miscommunication leads to antagonism. The fact that partners, staying together fail to communicate generates resentment, lack of channels of resolving problems that befall marriage and a gap in decision-making. When partners lose the channel to air their views, then frustration results creating a ridge and constant disagreement on issues. Matters such as lack of trust, where a partner thinks the other is cheating, sometimes are speculation and unless

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