What besides technology has caused peoples minds to function differently?

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What Besides Technology Has Caused People's Minds To Function Differently? Student's Name Institutional Affiliation The human mind is the most complex component of the organ that also influences character development. What the mind does is an accurate reflection of the condition of the brain. This aspect indicates commonness of the two body organs and the significance of comprehending factors that affect or support the functioning. The mind is a manifold of the processes that occur in the brain. Thus, the mind can function in a variety of ways depending on the factors around the brain processes. Ideally, technology plays a huge role in shaping the mind. Equally, the social and environmental exposures also influence the human perception and behavioral change (Sternberg, 2016). The role of environment in the mind's functioning is linkable to memory and personality change as one grows. Many philosophers argue that what the mind is exposed to is what the systems adopt in memory. This aspect is pivotal in cognitive functions of the mind. The environment is a comprehensive component of the surrounding that shapes understanding of the social relations, accepted norms, and roles (Minsky n.d). Plato likens the role of the mind as a tool used in exploring the truth about the whole system of the body and functions. Several environmental factors affect the functioning of the mind. Thus, exposure posits the most crucial role in the mind's functioning within the systems. Moreover, educational environment changes our perceptions regarding issues in the contemporary society. A learned person will display a different style in reasoning and life performance compared to the

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