What are the strongest and weakest methods of international law analyzed by Steinberg? Book:Power & international law, American Journal of international law, vol. 100 (2006) pp.64-87

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Strongest and Weakest Methods of International Law Student Name Institutional Affiliation In many years of history, it is known that the main purpose of law is a sacrifice of freedom in order to ensure better security against the violence of chaos and demonstrations. International law consists of legal theoretical and methodological that explains the contents of power regulation between nations. The paper looks at the strongest and the weakest methods of international law as analyzed by Steinberg. The methods of international law from the weakest to the strongest are discussed as follows: Classical view This method has been used several since the beginning of the 20th century to understand power in international law. It holds that international law could bring about a new era of international cooperation that would not rely on power and instead create the distinction of law separately from politics(Steinberg 2006). According to the classical view, international to be built on foundations of customs and consensus. All nations in the eyes of the law are seen to be equal and have a common interest. Realism The introduction of this method crushed the romantic and optimistic classical view during 1930. Realism represents the opposite of the classical view that international law is directly connected to politics and thus it is at the mercy of power. The view lasted all through the post-war era. States rarely shared norms as they could not serve as the main source of international law and power and interest of dominant states were believed to be the main source. Rational Institutionalism By the end of cold war, the international law began integrating theories

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