What a Bike Ride Can Teach You

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“What a Bike Ride Can Teach You” Student’s Name University Abstract This discussion analyzes the case study of the video about “What a bike ride can teach you” by Shimon Schocken. The video presents a program that entails mountain cycling in which Schocken agrees with a prison warden to initiate an outdoor mountain bike riding for the juvenile inmates. He discusses the experiences he encountered while riding and how these challenges positively influenced his life and personality. As a result, the speaker in the video would wish to share such experiences with the young inmates to help them realize their potential in life and empower them to build desirable personality. The purpose of this paper is to develop the program such as the one described in the video and highlight the evaluation methods for its outcomes. Some of the issues discussed include the values of the program, goals to be achieved, mission and vision of the program, as well as the evaluation methods for the outcomes. It can be said that the mountain riding program in Israel, as indicated in the video, can be a useful course for inspiring the juvenile inmates and encourage them to build a sense of self-esteem. “What a Bike Ride Can Teach You” Mountain Cycling Training for the Inmate Juveniles Q1 The name of the program is the outdoor mountain cycling training for the inmate juveniles. This name fits the program described in the video because it the presenter specifically talks about his passion for mountain cycling. He also mentions how his dream of inspiring the juvenile inmates has influenced him to come and share with them his experiences in riding. The presenter has selected

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