Weight management

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Article Review According to a New York Times article dated 27th November 2016, the two most crucial activities when it comes to managing weight are Regular exercise and health diet. The author of this article argues that an individual’s weight management plan highly depends on whether they are overweight or underweight. The author’s purpose is to use scientifically proven facts and figures to enlighten the readers on weight loss. A formula for determining persons own desirable weight is given. Women are supposed to be 100 pounds for the first five feet of their height plus five pounds for every extra inch in height. Men, on the other hand, should be 106 pounds for the first five feet plus six pounds for every extra inch in height. 10%should be subtracted and added for small and large body frames respectively (New York Times, 1). The article is very informative and divided into subtopics which include underweight, calories for weight maintenance, activity levels, a balanced diet and recommendation for weight management. Two disorders associated with negative body image are Anorexia nervosa and bulimia. The bottom line is that excessive intentional weight loss can lead to risky underweight conditions. Sedentary or very obese people are supposed to observe 10 calories per pound of desirable body weight. For individuals over the age of 55 or those with low activity level, 13 calories per pound should be observed. Those who do moderate and strenuous activities should observe 15 and 18 calories per pound of desirable body weight respectively (New York Times, 1). The author recommends healthy eating, balancing

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