Week Six Business Management

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Why Managers Do Not Delegate Question 1 The most probable reason as to why managers do not delegate tasks is that they genuinely believe that it is their responsibility to guarantee the company’s success; whereby their authority and status depend on these accomplishments in their line of duty. However, this believes rather misguided as the managers should delegate tasks within the workforce (Parvez 10). Managers should overcome this reason through learning the benefits of 'delegating strategically' to employees. “Delegating strategically “incorporates forethought planning to guarantee that all opportunities and advantages are maximized while allocating duties to the employees. Firstly, delegating offers many benefits to managers as they get the mandate to cross items from the ‘to-do’ list and seek assistance from a trusted and competent employee. Other employees gain knowledge and skills that are necessary for the future of the organization. Similar developments prepare the employees to meet the needed qualifications to complete future assignments and attain promotion (Lyons 1). Managers must overcome this fear by delegating efficiently and strategically. This is attainable through creating a plan, defining the standards and objectives of work, specifying the discretion ranges, and involve the subordinates for an efficient delegation process. Managers must learn to delegate duties to multiply the organizational value over time. Delegation allows managers manage their teams and advance higher responsibility to acquire success. The subordinates must help the manager chose the right employee for the jobs. The employee should

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