Week 8 Mythology King Arthur

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Mythology of King Arthur As people mature, they change; sometimes they become better human beings who are self-confident, thoughtful and kind. Sometimes their experiences make them weak or cruel. This study explores how some of the characters in “King Arthur” change in the course of this myth: Arthur When Arthur was fifteen, he unknowingly pulled out a sword in the stone in the churchyard in London. He was ignorant of the impact of his action that would make him the King. When Ector reveals this notion to him, he says,”Why do you suppose such a thing? It does not make any sense, and it cannot be true” (Malory, Lanier, and Wyeth, 1-5). To him, pulling out the sword was just but a simple task. However, he was not aware that he was the only one who could do it. Arthur shows no self-confidence in him. Even after knowing that he would be the king, he says that he does not know how to be the King of Britain. This response shows that he had no confidence in himself as young as he was. He was fearful. When made the King, he was afraid of the dukes and decided to retreat to a high castle (Malory, Lanier, and Wyeth, 10-25). However, they are imprisoned for two weeks. As a king, he should have shown courage by taking control of the situation. However, it took Merlin to convince him of this. Merlin tells him, “Appear before them without fear in your heart. Answer their questions as their chief and their king…” (Santha, 44-49). As Arthur matures, he becomes one with high qualities of a leader. He has strength, courage, and confidence unlike when he was a small boy. He becomes kind and generous to all his

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