Week 8 Mythology Discussion

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Name Instructor Course Date Mythology King Arthur is one of the greatest as well as the most heroic figure exiting in English mythology (Twain 32). The influence of King Arthur is evident around the globe. King Arthur rose as a great warrior, a constructive as well as an idealistic person. All efforts made by Arthur were devoted to the well-being of Britain. King Arthur’s character stood out as a symbol to be emulated by different Knights (Twain 34). Arthur had his weaknesses as a human being. For instance, he was considered stubborn and never wanted any individual to question his decisions. Qualities attributed to Arthur were significant to all knights from his inner circle (Twain 43). As the forces of evil became powerful and exerted a lot of influence on the courts, Arthur’s positive values become clear. Arthur’s heroic attributes, as well as humanity, is clearly depicted in his last war when he almost lost his life (Twain 56). However, he remained courageous and steadfast. King Arthur is a paragon of human virtue as well as an epitome of Victorian morality. He stands out as a significant example of what a man can be in life. Actions of Winston Churchill are a representation of attributes of King Arthur. Winston Churchill was also a soldier, and also a statesman. Churchill also had charismatic traits in leadership which enabled him to design better a vision of a better Britain picture. These traits enabled Churchill to succeed in claiming victory for his country. Additionally, Churchill had a passion for his nation. He had a desire in making his country a better one regardless of criticisms he received. Like King Arthur, Churchill had determination in

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