Week 7 Mythology Thor compare to Textbook

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number: Date: Week 7 Mythology Thor compare to Textbook Norse mythology has been the subject and point of reference for many movies in modern day Hollywood with Marvel being the frontrunners. After production of comics about Thor, Loki, Odin among other Norse gods, the fan base had grown significantly thus prompting the urge to produce a movie. Thor is the main character in the film that talks about his heroic adventures and experiences after he was banished by his father to live with the humans on earth for igniting an ancient war with the frost giants. He gets help from scientists who help him adjust to the new and strange land and the habits of people, his mythical and mysterious hammer also falls on earth, and no one can pull it out of the ground. The film does its best in depicting and presenting the mythological beliefs while keeping the story intact. The reason for reviewing the movie was due to the widespread publicity about the movie over social media. Everyone was trying to make jokes about Thor and from that, an aspect of humor in all the memes and jokes brought out the urge to check out the movie in the theaters. Mythology is always an interesting topic that captures the audience because of its uniqueness and the sense of originality. Therefore, interest in the movie is not a concern. But with humor interlaced within Mythological stories comes the yearning to view the film and relate to the ancient myths and see how much was captured and what was left out (Lindow, 21). This is because Norse myths and objects like Mjolnir, his hammer all had background stories about their origins and their powers and this

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