Week 7 Civil Discussion Dante Inferno

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Dante’s Divine Comedy can be considered as a very powerful depiction of the afterlife. Evidently, his first book is The Inferno, and it is an exploration of Hell as the place where people who have been sinning go once they die. The ancestry of the Inferno can be traced to the Aeneid, which has significant influence in Dante’s poem. Also, the Inferno can be said to have its root in Augustine’s Confession which has some influence on the poem too. Therefore, the aim of this essay is to discuss how The Aeneid and Confession influence Dante’s Poem. First, both the Inferno and the Aeneid show an ambitious journey. While the Aeneid is about the Aeneas’s journey from Troy to Italy, the inferno is about Dante’s journey through hell. It is also evident that Dante seems to have borrowed the idea of using Joseph Campbell’s model from the Aeneid. However, it is worth noting that Dante has a heroic position, unlike Aeneas, but the way it is presented is not clear. He says, “How hard it is to tell how it is like, this wood of wilderness, savage and stubborn” (Dante, 1465). The two main characters in the Inferno and Aeneid are controlled through the underworld. Aeneid, for instance, is given power by Sybil which is a mortal superpower. Dante, on the other hand, gets his power from Virgil, the Latin Poet’s ghost. Unmistakably, the use of Virgil as a character in Inferno shows that Dante recognizes that his work is not very original. Dante also chose to use the Aeneid to give insight to the readers about Virgil, who was a very influential and

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