Week 6 – Works Cited Exercise

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MLA Works Cited “Famous Greek Battles.” 14 June 1999. Ianhistory.org, 14 June 1999. Web. 24 January 2004. <http://www.iahistory.org/greeks/battles.htm>. Goldman, Henry and Howard, Elizabeth. Ancient Civilizations. Philadelphia: Gold House, 1989. Print. Ingram, Joan. “The Secrets of the Greeks.” GreekSecrets.com. Web. 2 February 2011. <http://www.greeksecrets.com>. Morrow, Alexander, dir. The Beauty of Greek Architecture. Westing Forge, 2001. DVD. Pankratz, Karen. “Destination: Athens.” 20th Century Travel 03 March 2002: 24-31. Print. Smith, Joshua, Ph.D. “Those Insufferable Greeks.” Infamous World Empires. James Wygonik. Denver: Colonial Press, 1983: 201-247. Print. Shepherd, Greg. Interview about Greek History. 17 July 2005. “The Persian Threat.” Encarta 3 May 1998. 17 October 2004. CD-ROM. “Writing Utensils.” The Encyclopedia of the Mediterranean 5(1985). Print. Xavier, John. “The Amazing Greek Islands.” The Washington Post. 9 February 2005: D1.

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