Week 5 Journal Reflection

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course DateWeek 5 Journal Reflection I believe that Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is valid by looking at the success or advantage brought by the law. For example, over twenty million individuals have been able to secure health insurances, as one of the Obamacare’s primary goal, and indeed it has succeeded. The most substantial coverage rate gains have been revealed in communities that previously used to face barriers to accessing health care. For example, a population with low wage workers, the immigrants, individuals with a color difference or those with pre-existing medical conditions are now receiving quality health services using insurance covers. When the law went into a full effect, the minority group witnessed incredible gains in coverage (Pickett et al. 123). The groups include Hispanics, Native Americans, Black Americans and a bit of Asian population, thanks to Affordable Care Acts all have medical insurances. Another effectiveness of Obamacare Act is portrayed via the success of many Americans who have turned to be more financially secure. Health insurance not only does it avail access to health care but also act as a financial product targeting to protect citizens from disasters like catastrophic medical bills. Usually, it would be enormous pressure for individuals experiencing a low level of income to manage medical expenses and other individual interests. The Act has enabled American people to become less vulnerable to financial shocks related to health issues. The findings have information that only a few citizens struggle with hospital bills or avoid medical treatment due to cost and this

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