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Name Professor Class December 2017 Abstract: None Required Stetler’s Method (Britehub, 2016) Preparation The first step in implementing EBP (Evidence Based Practice) guidelines for home care practices of patients after surgery (Demir, 2013). This involves examining, sorting and assessing research data for specific needs (Stetler, 2001). The purpose is to assess new methods for post-surgery care that assist these patients by providing better care and recovery. The outcome is whether the EBT focus is the complete recovery of the patient. This involves analyzing test subject data to define the purpose of the outcome. These studies provide training, counselling, and home monitoring post-surgery patients according to the Model of Living (Demir, 2013). Validation The study addresses with a utilization synopsis critique that should identify and record key details that affect how the patient is recovering post-surgery. Then to identify those factors, that work as well and factors that do not work. This is a methodical review of the study details and qualifiers associated with patient recovery. (Demir, 2013). Metanalysis works by raising the reliability of research by merging and examining the results of all known trials of the same trials on the post-surgery recovery methods and rate. The data from the study trials are either accepted or rejected during this phase (Stetler, 2001). Metasynthesis focuses attention on exploring the contested areas of that remain from the Metanalysis portion of the study in progress. The technique has a revelatory, rather than grouping study results on post-surgery recovery at home (Demir, 2013). Comparative Evaluation

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