Week 5 – Changing Society Research Paper – MAN 809

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Changing Society Research Paper Name Institutional Affiliation Changing Society Research Paper Innovation in the Society The current state of the world today requires the application of better solutions towards solving problems, meeting the market needs and achieving the requirements. The generation of better ideas occurs through changing the products, processes, services, and the technology. Innovation in the society is inevitable. Trends in the market promote the adaptation of these changes and their incorporation in the fields of technology and economy. Entrepreneurs play a crucial role in creating new ideas developing innovations. According to According to Chaston and Scott (2012), entrepreneurship defines the process of designing, running and developing new business. It includes the capacity and willingness to take risks in introducing new product or service and manage it effectively to become successful and contribute to the economic benefit. Different organizations can harness the power of entrepreneurs and significantly achieved notable success. However, the public sector faces a great challenge in adapting these changes influenced by some factors. Thus, this paper researches about innovation in the public service institutions looking into its threats and benefits according to a statement by Drucker (2014). Strategies in Changes Entrepreneurial management and success require an application of strategic planning within the organization. Without these strategies little or no success is achievable. According to Drucker (2014), four important strategies that apply in entrepreneurship include Fastest with the Mostest, hitting them where they ain’t,

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