Week 4 Discussion 4: Entrepreneurial Management

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Entrepreneurial Management Name Institutional Affiliation Entrepreneurial Management Entrepreneurial Management in Public-Service Institution According to Drunker (2014), the success of entrepreneur management depends on an organized, systematic, and purposeful management. Although the rules for the application of entrepreneurship are common to all ventures and organizations, differences arise in the level of challenge regarding the creation of innovation. Based on the work of Drunker (2014), the existing business, public-service institutions and new ventures adapt to varying management strategies based on the roles to perform and the present problems. Innovations in these systems are important owing to their large numbers and the critical services they offer to the public. Thus, it is imperative to consider the challenges facing these organizations in executing the changes. Regarding the problems, Klein, Mahoney, McGahan and Pitelis (2013) mandate that innovation in the public sector is usually not profit-oriented but aims to increase size and growth. Thus, for a change to occur, it is an influence of an outside force or following the occurrence of a catastrophe. Drunker (2014) describes timid bureaucrats, power-hungry politicians and servants with delayed payrolls to be the cause of the slow innovation in the public sector. Other reasons provided include the budget, which these institutions use. Increasing changes in these areas mean massive budget provisions, which come from taxes and charitable organizations. Thus, for these groups, taking a risk in change is something highly discouraged. These agencies depend on a multitude of constituents that have the

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