Week 4 Case Study Analysis

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Week 4 Case Study Analysis Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Abstract The paper will discuss positive arguments in support of human embryonic stem(ES) cell research. It explains why I would continue funding a stem cell research institution. Furthermore, it justifies why I support the use of spare embryos because they would go to waste anyway. The article starts by examining the moral debate surrounding ES cell research. It exposes the weaknesses in the argument that using spare embryos is immoral. It also opposes the suggestion that embryos are human beings strongly. After that, it shows why killing a spare embryo is not the same as killing a human being. The paper concludes by stating the importance of ES cell research. It reveals the potential of the study to give insight into biological processes and produce a cure for various diseases. This potential as well as the probabilities of Embryonic Stem cell research, related to the weak moral argument of those who oppose it, is presented as the reason why I would continue contributing to the research fund. Week 4 Case Study Analysis Like, the issue of abortion, embryonic stem cell research has become a very divisive debate, pitting “pro-life” apologists on one side and progressive scientists on the other. Without any delay, let me state that I have no issues with the use of spare embryos. This stand might wrongly be viewed as radical and callous. Taking that stand, however, does not mean that I am “anti-life” in any way. In fact, I am a zealous advocate for the right to life and human dignity. The debate on embryonic stem cell research revolves around whether embryos should be treated as human

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