Week 3 Discussion

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Date Does God Exist? Reflections on Disbelief by Kai Nielsen First, what is Nielsen's conclusion is in his argument concerning God’s existence. Nielsen’s conclusion in his argument concerning God’s existence is that there is no logical nor justifiable evidence to prove that God indeed exists. According to his argument, what are some of the consequences of a belief in God’s existence? Nielsen (80) states that some of the outcomes of belief people have in God have distorted the understanding of the reality. He further states that the incidents that human faces that is affected by the beliefs people have about God and His existence have negatively distorted how people perceive reality. He goes ahead to term them as “human desirable saving myths” (80). Furthermore, Nielsen (91) states that the beliefs people have about God’s existence falsely led them to develop distorted false consciousness hence agreeing to their current dehumanizing situation. Why are some of these consequences problematic? In the event that people end up believing in God and that He has the power to solve their problems in addition to considering that some of the dehumanizing situations are part of God’s big plan, people tend not to act to solve their problems themselves; and with time they develop and worsen. Nielsen states that people tend to deviate from reality as their mind get clouded by their beliefs in God and hence not fight to seek justice that will see all human beings flourish in the current un-authoritarian society. Nielsen argues that belief in God is not a merely innocent distortion of reality. He uses this

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