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Name: Professor’s name: Course: Date: Watergate The climax of the Watergate scandal was the resignation of President Richard Nixon on August 8, 1974. It all started after a number of robbers had been arrested on June 17, 1972, when they were trying to break into Watergate building to rob confidential information stored at the Democratic National Committee office. It later turned out that the robbers were part of President Nixon’s campaign team. The president disowned any involvement in the attempted theft. However, it later emerged that the president was indeed aware of the theft. President Nixon attempted to thwart the efforts of the courts to investigate the scandal, but it was in vain. After the details of the scandal had been made public through the media, it is believed that many citizens lost faith in their leaders, led to the weakening of the institution of the presidency and growth of some sectors. After the scandal, many politicians agreed that the political system in the United States required an immediate restructuring. Part of the process was the increased calls for the need for transparency and honesty among leaders. In this regard, the years that followed the scandal saw Congress increase its push for reforms in the political system to get rid of weak points. Such reforms included laws that created the limit on the amount of money a presidential candidate can spend during primaries. The laws also limit the amount a presidential aspirant can spend on the campaigns after winning the party primaries. Both houses also passed laws that restrict the amount of money any individual can donate to a political aspirant. Also, limits were put in place with

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