Water Usage

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Name Instructor Course Date Water Usage Introduction Water is a fundamental requirement for every living thing. We require it for all our day-to-day activities ranging from washing, drinking, cooking, energy production and industrial processes. Without it, there can be no life. It is thus highly important that we not only use it wisely but also conserve the sources and avoid processes that can pollute it. Allowing industrial practices that release their effluents to the water catchments bodies will only jeopardize the environment and cause adverse effects to not only the humans but also animals and plants. Where some places like the western countries are experiencing desert conditions, there is an abundance of the resource in the US. The state has about 4.5 percent of the global population and eight percent of the freshest water resources in the world. It harbors the largest freshwater lake in the entire world. Some of the other richness is the great lakes and the mega Mississippi river, all that culminate to the over six quadrillion gallons of fresh water. However, many of the water resources are being polluted currently, and the rate of water usage per homestead is increasing gradually. The rate, however, does not tally with the population increase ration in the country. This is a clear indication that citizens have not embraced the need to conserve water usage. Although the water resources are endless, the citizens and state as a whole must work to protect and preserve water. Domestic Usage According to the report by the Grace Link Foundation, the domestic water consumption per person in the US goes to as high as 60 gallons. Out of this, 28 % is used in

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