War power is in the hand of the congress not the president

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Name Instructor Course Date War Power Is In the Hand of the Congress Not the President There is no need to sugarcoat the just concluded American Elections. The president-elect has been declared a threat to the state. His declarations of Mexican walls, reinstatement ant termination of trans-Atlantic trades are just but some of his attic moves. What worries is his capacity to provoke Islamic states into war. Trump’s presidency is likely to be a unilateral regime. A reinstatement of war wars with the Islamic rivals is people’s primary worry. While referring to the powers given to the president in the ‘War Powers Act,' the president can wage war without the Congressional approval. However, people should be less bothered as the Congress must give him an okay before the declaring war. His powers are limited to only stating the positions and not making the ultimate decision ("Powers Of The House And Senate”).Under the constitution, the unilateral authority to initiate a military attack happens only in situations were imminent threats to the nation poop. When the president invokes these powers without the congress’s blessings, the Congress has powers to revoke and call for neutrality. This is what happened during the World War 1 where the urge to remain out of the European war surpassed the thirst for power. The constitution has set strict procedures for appointing officers, passing laws and or making pacts and policies. Each of these must be deliberated upon by the Congress who later gives the president the right to implement ("The Powers Of Congress."). It is the Congress that controls the president and not the vice versa. The Congress checks every

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