War on Terror and China Involvement in Latin Countries

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The objective of the American War on Terror was not only to protect but also defend the Homeland and the American people. Moreover, the war was also geared at disrupting terrorist operations by depriving them of their necessities of survival. Besides, the Americans have gone further from just fighting terrorist enemies by promoting not only human dignity but also freedom in Latin American and Caribbean regions where terrorists advocate for the oppressed together with the totalitarian rule. In order to realize success in the War on Terror, Americans have decided to employ all the elements that are available within the power. Examples of such elements include military power, intelligence, financial, use of diplomatic and surveillance activities (Mccahill, 2015). In this paper, the kinds of the resources that America has used in the War on Terror and Surveillance in both the Caribbean and Latin America will be covered. The paper will also discuss the approaches that China has used to establish financial power, cultural relations and military with both the Caribbean countries and Latin America. In the Caribbean countries and Latin America, the United States of America has employed vary many resources as far as the War on Terror is concerned. One of such resources include the foot soldiers. Foot solders comprise of the facilitators, operatives, and the trainers. The foot soldiers are tasked with the responsibility of attacking terrorist and halting the capacity of the terrorists to operate. Apart from the foot soldiers, another resource that the Americans are using in the War on Terror in Latin America and Caribbean countries is the military intelligence. The forms of the

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