War in Syria

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Syrian civil war started in 2001 by protesters who were opposing against the government of President Bashar al-Assad. Today the war is fought by various groups such as government supporters and Syrian democratic forces. The protesters marched in the streets demanding for democratic changes in governance and also the release of political captives. Additionally, the protesters also demanded for freedoms, termination of corruption and end of an emergency law that had been there since 1963. In response, the government initiated deadly attacks to the protesters using military tanks. By the end of the year, it is estimated that over 1,000 people were killed. It believed that various fighting groups are financed by foreign actors. After the war broke out, Syrian opposition formed Free Syrian Army and took direct control over of the southern part of Syria. On the other hand, Syrian government had control on the north of Syria. United Nations and other international organizations have accused opposition and the government for violating human rights in the region. The war has caused serious displacement of people and many massacres. Consequently, properties worth billions of shillings have been lost in the form of buildings and businesses. Since independence, Civilians in Syria have been denied rights to expression, associations, and assembly. The opposition saw violence the only way they could express their grievances to the government. According to United Nations, by June 2013 approximately 90,000 people had been killed. By the close of 2015, the figure had been estimated to rise to 250 000 people. United Nations has argued all fighting groups in Syrian war have committed war

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