W7: Short Essay

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Board of Directors Essay Students Name Institutional Affiliation Why it is Difficult to find good People in Board of Directors Board of directors consists of a group of people formed to control or manage the activities of a company. The board of directors’ rules, function, and their responsibilities adheres to the governmental regulations the as well as remains anchored to its constitution and policies. Due to the complexity in terms of regulations and policies of the organization people are elected according to their academic qualification, skills, previous workplace performance, specialization and the experience (Daily & Dalton, 1993). This limits people from joining the board despite their competency. Firstly, the board of directors requires a lot of time, which subjects each member to meet regularly in order to come up strategies and a running portfolio on how to run the company. This requires that each member of the board to sacrifice their time, which makes the staff and workers turn down joining the board. According to Bacon and Brown (1975), most of the people perceive the membership as a time-consuming, especially when coming up with critical decisions in running the company competitively. For instance, every member of the company has equal chances to participate, this mostly results in disagreements and hence conflict often arises. This conflict in the board may make it harder for people to join the board. Furthermore, the board of director membership may be considered to be costly. Every member of the board is required to participate in the contribution made by the boards and also annual registration. Some staff may reject joining and

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