W7: Ethical Issues

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The Use of Staffing Technology and Software Student's Name Institutional Affiliation The Use of Staffing Technology and Software According to Fabry and Higgs (1997), engaging employees is a main concern for all firms so as to be able to engage, attract and retain the best candidates. Organizations are targetting to automate the whole staffing process by use of technology in human resource departments. Humanistic versus technology interactions are supposed to be balanced in all areas (Casey, Moscovice & Davidson, 2006). The automation of the HR technology to reduce costs and increase accuracy entails that in future, man and machines will work together. In this case, the human resource activities are potentially treating all candidates the same and fail to take in place special needs and individual circumstances. The mechanical aspect in the HR should be reduced by letting applicants able to access the HR staff. This answers the managerial questions as well as establishes the status of their applications anytime during the staffing process. The assembly line approach, where the staffing stages are broken down sequentially can be avoided by; allowing small interpersonal touches and not deeming applicants as faceless or nameless gadgets. According to Fabry and Higgs (1997), technology can be important in the staffing process because it helps the recruiters in understanding the candidates in real life scenarios. This boosts the analysis of their performance in response to particular scenarios. Moreover, it is used to help the recruiters in predicting the outcome of the candidates by analyzing their historical data to reveal the candidate’s retention

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