W6: Seniority

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Seniority Student’s Name: Institution: Seniority Seniority is acquired through a sustained period of a high level of competence (Siddiqui, 2104). In most cases, it may be difficult for one to acquire seniority if they do not meet the standards set by the company. Promotion is a reward for a good performance from an employee for a period of time (Anastasia, 2015). When one is promoted, the employers feel he/she could handle more responsibility after vast exposure in the company. It is therefore not unethical for a company to use seniority as a basis for promotion. Promotion through seniority promotes loyalty among employees. When one is certain to be promoted after some time, they work efficiently to achieve the company’s goals. Employees feel they are part of the company hence they promote the company’s culture. With a promise of promotion, employees feel encouraged giving their all for the company. Promotion through seniority reduces cases of conflict in the company. Promoting employees through seniority ensures each employee has a fair chance to be promoted. This reduces cases of other employees feeling left out; it creates a fair playing ground for promotions. When a senior employee is promoted, there is always the feeling among other employees that he/she earned it. This reduces complaints about promotions. This basis of promotion also limits chances of nepotism and favoritism during promotions; in the long run, reducing conflict in the company. An alternative basis for promotion is through performance. However, it is difficult to standardize employee performance. This introduces bias into this basis of promotion. Promotion through seniority

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