W4: Succession Plan

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Succession Plan Name Student Institution Date Succession Plan Hastings (2014) defines succession planning as the process that involves an organization ensuring that it recruits its workers to fill the crucial roles within the firm. The process prevents cases of employee unpreparedness in cases of unfilled vital roles (Rothwell & Dawsonera, 2016). The succession planning process involves recruiting superior workers and boosting their knowledge and skills. This practice helps to prepare them in case any form of promotion arises, especially when it comes to more challenging roles. Any given organization is expected to fulfill its ethical obligation of having a succession plan in place, which is meant for incumbents, employees, and managers. Firstly, the implementation of a succession plan is an ethical obligation from the incumbents and owners of firms because they can provide the workers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities (Rothwell & Dawsonera, 2016). As owners of corporations, the incumbents fulfill their ethical responsibility of ensuring that employees at the workplace possess the necessary skills to enable them to meet customer's expectations. In this case, having a succession plan is an ethical role in ensuring that employees are equipped with the right knowledge and that they can fulfill various positions within the firm. Evidently, incumbents have an ethical responsibility to ensure that there is a flow of the succession pipeline. Therefore, this type of planning enables incumbents to fulfill their moral responsibility. Second, succession planning is also an ethical obligation to the employees, especially those who are eligible

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