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Strategic Plan to Revamp Justo Food Chains Surname Course Tutor Institution Date Introduction As the strategic manager of an enterprise, one bears the role of ensuring that the plans of the venture are carried out in an articulate manner to guarantee profitability, survival as well as the growth of the business. Therefore, one has to perpetually research, revise, plan, define as well as update all the executions underway in the establishment. Therefore as the VP in the Strategic Planning department, I fully take the powers bestowed to my office by the company to advise on a way forward for Justo Food Chains to regain its equitable share of control of the market (Lobel, 2016, 2). Upon revision, several new dynamics will have to take effect to ensure that the venture moves forward in pursuit of profit. Therefore, I welcome the CEO Sir. Delaware to review, comment, criticize as well as offer additional insight into the following postulated Operation System for Innovation of how the company will increase its profitability as well as recap its former glory as an exemplary hospitality establishment (Smith, 2006). Plan to push up the Top Line Revenue The profit margin of a venture is dependent on the top line revenue whereby the business has to rethink on its way forward so as to increase sales. The venture Justo Food Chains has become so reserved in the commodities it offers and as such, it is left out in satisfying the new tastes in the markets (Lobel, 2016, 3). The venture has held faithful to the idea that the clientele base of the investment relies solely on the unique tastes in all its eatery joints across major towns in the market. However, the trend is

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