VoIP Part 3 (Quality)

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VoIP Part 3 Student Institution Date Abstract Quality in project management is an essential measure of project management as it ensures activities meet the expectations of all the relevant stakeholders. It also ensures the work process and products achieve the set objectives. Quality is also attained through the quality management planning that provides the standards and procedures that are applied in quality control and quality assurance. In the case of VoIP project, there is quality management planning that will ensure the output improve the entire organization system. Quality assurance and quality control are techniques used in project management to enhance the attainment of the primary goals. However, the two approaches have different factors and focus on different states of the project management processes. Quality assurance is used in managing the production processes with the aim of preventing defects. On the other hand, quality control is applicable in ensuring products meet the users' expectations by detecting defects. The problems identified using the quality control is plotted in Pareto diagram for analysis and decision making. VoIP Part 3 Quality entails the level that the project meets the set objectives to all the stakeholders. It is essential to note there are deliverables in every project and there should be minimal delays that result to the extension of the timeline and higher budget than planned. Ensuring quality in the VoIP will promote effective communication within the organization and to external stakeholders such as customers. On the other hand, quality management planning focuses on setting the acceptable rate of quality that will be

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