VoIP Part 2 (Gantt and PERT Charts)

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PERT and Gantt Charts Name University Affiliation Abstract Project managers are tasked with the duty of ensuring timely completion of projects. To successfully plan and manage projects, managers use a number of methods and tools. PERT and Gantt charts are some of the tools that act as project visualization tools. PERT charts deal with complex and broad projects and predict time spans for each task while Gantt charts apply to simple projects and give the real time needed to complete each task. These visualization tools are crucial as they assist managers in ensuring that their projects do not run behind schedule. While Gantt chart is used before the commencement of the project, PERT diagram is used when the project is in progress. This paper looks at the difference in information received when using the two charts and the advantages of each over the other. Further, the paper highlights the appropriate instances for the application of PERT and Gantt charts and finally explains the importance of critical path in managing projects. Comparison and Contrast between the Information from a Gantt Chart, versus That of a PERT Diagram Gantt chart and PERT Diagram are merely visualization tools which help project managers in displaying tasks needed to complete a project. Both tables assist in the scheduling of tasks, control, and administering all the duties significant to completion of a specific project (Bennatan, 2000). The charts help managers in analyzing their plans by visualizing and providing them with tools that split their projects into smaller and parts that are easy to manage. Gantt charts include information on all the tasks to be performed in a plan and also

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