Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin)

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Answers to question 1 and 2ANSWER TO QUESTION 1Lenin also known as Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov spearheaded the Russian revolution. Following his brother’s execution and his sister’s seclusion for involvement in protests, Lenin became a revolutionary communist. He studied law but practiced revolution. Lenin started the Russian Communist party and was the leader of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution (Lieven, 22). He wrote several pamphlets while in exile which made him popular with the masses back at home. He embraced Marxist teachings and theories and through that developed his political principles ‘Leninism.' He took liberty with Marx teachings and adapted them to the conditions in Russia thereby perfecting the Bolshevik revolution theory which agitated for power to the people. Consequently, being a radical, he exploited the Marxist tradition by being attentive to the potential revolutionary peasants, workers, soldiers and the Asian minorities who had been under the domination of western imperialists. He saw them as the reasonable force of revolution capable of overthrowing the capitalist world order.Lenin being a Russian nationalist and an international socialist, he envisioned his country, Russia, as a strong, powerful and modern nation with the capacity to model global affairs. He hoped for a world revolution for the liberation of all oppressed people from all walks of life for them to gain a higher level of civilization. Lenin organized an underground party consisting of elite professional revolutionists able to survive the tsarist police with the headquarters abroad but keeping close contact with the masses in Russia (Lieven, 72. For an efficient method to mobilize

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