Visual rhetoric

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Details Date Visual Rhetoric The Wall Street does not miss controversy, starting with the very nature of businesses conducted in the area to what gets erected on the streets. Immediately after the stock market crash in 1987, sculptor Arturo Di Modica gifted those working in Wall Street with a “Charging Bull” statue with the hope of lifting the spirits of traders. Several years later, in 2017, a “Fearless Girl” statue surfaced in the same street, the statue now stares at the “Charging Bull.” The “Fearless Girl” statue is the creation of Kristen Visbal (Williams). Whatever goes on at Wall Street has for a very long time left women out on the dealings of the place. If someone wishes to know what corporate America looks like, a visit to Wall Street suffices to settle the curiosity. The “Fearless Girl” statue is a symbol of women and how they are willing to face and defy all odds in the corporate world and society at large. At the foot of the “Fearless Girl” statue, there is a printing along the lines of knowing the power of women in leadership, and that the ‘girl’ makes a difference (Williams). The power of women does not count on Wall Street if the sculptor is anything to take into consideration. The dealings of Wall Street do not allow for the weak, so that is how women get considered. The predecessor sculptor in Wall Street seems to be a pro chauvinism hence the creation of the “Fearless Girl” statue. For so long the society had forgotten that women make excellent leaders as their male counterparts. The “Fearless Girl” statue comes strong in the midst of Wall Street to remind the

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