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Name: Instructor's Name: Course: Date: Virtual Meetings: Improving Distance Meeting Buy-In Web conference calls are an interesting and a cheaper way of communicating with teams that are scattered in various parts of the nation or the world. They help shorten the time that is required to pass the message compared to when a person has to move to different places. However, there are some issues that are associated with it that can make it less efficient. It is, therefore, essential to perform all the necessary arrangements to make the conference call successful. In this case, Marina Elliot web conference call to inform people in other offices in Chicago, Denver, and Seattle on a system-wide change to hiring practice was not efficient due to a few challenges that can be corrected. The challenges that made the web conference be less effective included lack of proper communication on the objectives of the conference call. The regional groups seemed unprepared for the session hence the delay in one of the offices to log in at the designated time. The incidence thus resulted in the suspension to the start of the session. Another challenge involved the complexity of the PowerPoint presentation. The groups were not able to comprehend the information. Marina also faced the problem of lack of concentration. There were groups that had their cell-phones on during the session. There were others who were typing thus interfering with the clarity of the presentation. The web conference call can be made more effective through communicating the objectives of the session and the items that will be discussed in advance. It helps the other teams to prepare and participate actively

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