Vignette Analysis I

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Family Systems Theory: Vignette Analysis I Candidate’s Name: Institution’s Name: Date: Introduction Family therapy is vital for a cohesive and healthy relationship among couples and their children. The need to seek more guidance on matters that seem contradictory or unhealthy in the relationship has to be sourced and implemented as per the directions of the therapist. In line with togetherness in a family, communication, gender equality, cultural differences and role playing are some of the areas that can destabilize or stabilize it. Depending on the directions arguments about an issue that depends on cultural practices take, there may be a need for reconciliation for both parties to be involved in making decisions. This is more evident in families that the parents are from different cultures and owing to their practices they may practically have extremely different opinions about an issue. In this case, the work of the therapists becomes more crucial in bringing sanity in the relationship. It is, therefore, essential to assess families concerning their vignette before prescribing a treatment mechanism that will ensure both parties are satisfied. Family Assessment The disagreement between Tomas and Arlene on parenting style presents a much more complicated communication problem, cultural difference, and gender inequality. Owing to the origins of the couple, Hispanic and Asian their cultures somehow differ, and this may be the cause of the constant misunderstanding between them. Their children are caught in the crossfire, and they seem to have an impaired communication especially to their father, Tomas. One of the essential components of a healthy

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