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Video Review Student Institution Date According to Porter, what IS NOT strategy? Porter argued that operational effectiveness is not a strategy owing to its susceptibility to being duplicated by competitors. Operational effectiveness has positive impacts on the performance of an organization; however, it entails better performance that rivals on similar tasks. For instance, reducing defects, reducing costs and fast production are results of operational efficiency, and they can be attained by any firms by replicating the practices. Thus, operational effectiveness is not a strategy as it does not assume uniqueness and difference required to given an edge to an organization. According to Porter, what IS strategy? On the other hand, a strategy is a choice to be different and unique in comparison to the competitors. A strategy can be understood from two perspectives; firstly, conducting different activities from other firms in the industry (Porter, Joan & Kramer, 2014). Secondly, a strategy can focus on performing similar operations as the competitors but applying different methods. Hence, the strategy is unique and challenging to imitate as compared to operational efficiency that is necessary for all businesses. What makes a strategy successful? For a strategy to be successful, there is need to incorporate uniqueness in developing products to the targeted consumers. Notably, unique products attract customers and sustain the organization in the long run as it is difficult for competitors to copy the strategy. The other factor that enhances a strategy is focusing on the needs of the potential customers. For all businesses, the ultimate aim is to satisfy the

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