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Introduction Artwork stands for photographs or any other visual representations which are found in a printed publication. The main aim for a lot of artworks is to capture the interests of the public and be able to entertain them. We have different types of artworks ranging all the way from science fiction to other themes like automated video games and some artists doing a live performance on stage is also a form of artwork. The artwork is a wide field hence it varies in categories ranging from different states to others. This artwork not only that you need to visit museums for you to be able to see them but you can also pay a visit to any exhibition centers like the movie theaters, game centers and you are able to access them. For this case, the main theme for the artwork will be video games since in the current generation they are on the rise. The demand for these games has increased a lot and both the youths and the adults are playing games. We have different categories of games that are being played ranging from computer, PlayStation, Xbox and automated games where simulation takes place most of the time. Though there has been some heated controversial on whether the video games qualify to be artworks or not but later agreed that they are form of artworks. The following are the artistic games we have: Video games theme First, we have Dwarf Fortress of the year 2006 which plays on both the Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and the Linux version of operating system. It's a roguelike game where the player is involved with city building and he creates an expensive world as he/she plays through this gives them an opportunity to envision the history and culture needed for

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