Victoria Woodhull

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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Victoria WoodhullAnalyzing the Life of Victoria Woodhull Victoria Woodhull was an American who primarily advocated for women’s right. In the acknowledgment, piece by piece, her work would have explored into the dynamics of the current sensitive issues affecting the world, with an aim of providing concrete solutions to them (Friksen, 7). In perspective, the concept of universal gender equity should be embraced not only in the U.S. but also, across the world. Concurrently, gender inequity is a universal setback which should be eradicated at all cost. Agreeably, non-violation of human rights promotes a peaceful coexistence. In the acknowledgment, even in the current period, violation of the human rights still exists in the US. Born in September 1838, Ohio, Woodhull was the first American woman to vie for the presidency at the age of 34. Unlike any other woman, Woodhull’s sense of confidence puzzled most of the historians and authors. The Pillars of Victoria Woodhull’s Inspirations To what extent did she become involved in the work she was doing? Until today, gender inequity still exists in the US. A biographer called Theodore Tilton described Woodhull’s childhood life to be as, “Endless atrocities…” Based on the suffrage she experienced in her early stages of life, Woodhull deemed it necessary to fight for the rights of other women. For instance, in most occasions, she was starved, whipped and sexually abused. In fact, her own father was among the main perpetrators of these atrocities. How sickening that was. Moreover, unlike other ladies who felt inferior to men, she was vocal and, in

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