Victim module 6

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Criminal Justice Name Institution Course Date Victimology studies how victims and crime perpetrators interact in the criminal justice structures. Victims have the right to participate in providing input during plea negotiations. Victims may be involved in the phase of plea bargaining where they are given prosecutorial consultation regarding a negotiated plea agreement. Victims can further engage in plea bargaining by appearing in a court of law so as to provide their views regarding the appeal. Victims should, therefore, get involved in plea bargaining to ensure that they do not feel neglected when verdicts are given and further ensure that they believe justice is rendered without bias. Victims are involved in plea negotiations to ensure that offenders are punished appropriately, and cases get resolved on a timely basis. However, law enforcement agencies have a responsibility of controlling the extent to which victims are involved in the plea negotiations ("Role of Victims in Plea Bargaining | The Crime Report," n.d.). Victim participation should be regulated as a means of ensuring that justice is rendered in unprejudiced circumstances rather than for the victims because the victims might influence the punishments offenders should receive. Justice should be absent of any form of prejudice, and this can be achieved when the participation of casualties in plea bargaining is conducted with restrictions. Victims have a right of input in the parole boards since it is their right to determine the circumstances of the release of their offenders. The criminal justice structures have the responsibility of protecting victims and their families from any form of intimidation or

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