veteran day

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Veterans Day A day observed each year in the United States as a public holiday whose aim is to honor the military veterans. Military veterans are those who took service in the armed forces of the United States. The US observes the Veterans Day on November 11th of each year. The day coincides with Armistice Day and Remembrance Day as held in other nations that commemorate the termination of the World War 1. Initially, this public holiday was referred to as Armistice Day and was later renamed Veterans day in 1954 ("History of Veterans Day - Office of Public Affairs" N.p). The United States considered having a veterans day instead of Armistice Day to avoid confusions on the purpose of the celebrations. The Armistice Day honored the foreign militaries who secured the freedom on behalf of the United States. Over time, the rise of new conflicts, world war 11, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, facilitated the change to Veterans Day as they lost the sole focus of the armistice. Currently, the Veterans Day celebrates all the individuals who at a time served in the armed forces. The Congress in 1971 changed the date to 4th of every October which was highly resisted by the many states. They, however, reinstated the holiday back to 11th November from 1978 ("History of Veterans Day - Office of Public Affairs" N.p). Currently, the U.S citizens observe the day through social events such as picnics, watching war movies, and flying the U.S flag. People show appreciation to the veterans already acquainted with and even those they meet as they are easily identifiable through their uniforms worn on this day. There

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